Steps To Taking Your Impression


  • 2 Adjust-A-Trays (Upper/Lower)
  • 2 Putty Cups (Yellow/Blue)
  • 2 Extra Mixing Cups
  • 2 Cups of Impression Material (Red/White)
  • 1 Mixing Stick
  • 2 Small Squares of Plastic Wrap (Saran Wrap)

Taking Impression

A useable impression should have complete details, showing not just teeth, but the surrounding tissues along with the muscle attachments or frenums. The roof of the mouth will be entirely filled in with no gaps or bubbles visible. If the impression is correct, allow the patient to rinse out the chalky taste of the alginate and any remnants that may be caught in folds of tissue. Wrap the impression in damp paper towels and set it aside while taking the next impression of the opposing arch or teeth.

Make sure that the tray extends past the last tooth in the arch. The impression trays can be changed to 4 different sizes (S-XL). You can also adjust the arch size by “breaking off” the excess plastic at the grooves. Please be aware that the tray needs to pass the last tooth in the arch for an accurate impression.

Take the fast-setting putty, and knead half of the blue and half of the yellow material. You have about 1 minute to make sure the putty is even in color. No streaks should be present.

Once the mix is uniform (1 color), roll it into a little “sausage” and place the putty into the tray. Make sure you don’t have an excess of material.

Take your spacer (small plastic wrap) and place that over the putty material.

Place the impression tray with your spacer and the putty into the mouth. Get the lip out of the way and then press down firmly. Keep it in position for 1 minute.

When you are placing the tray in the mouth, make sure the tongue is not under the tray and getting in the way of the impression.

After 1 minute, remove the tray from the mouth and remove the plastic wrap. Add the “light body.” Add that to the indentations in the tray. Next, place the tray back into the mouth. Press down and set the timer for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, remove the tray.

Repeat for the opposing arch.