Customized Mouthguards Provide Better Protection

When you’re shopping for a mouthguard, getting the right fit is essential. Your health and safety are on the line. Unfortunately, store-bought mouthguards oftentimes do not fit properly, and therefore do not provide the best protection against dental injuries, concussions, brain damage, jaw dislocation or fractures.

You need better protection, whether you play sports or suffer from teeth grinding and clenching during sleep. That’s why we provide state-of-the-art, custom-made mouth guards at CMG Customized Mouthguard. Only professionally designed mouthguards provide perfect comfort and protection. The only mouthguards you should wear are mouthguards made from a mold of your mouth.

About us

CMG Customized Mouthguard is a direct-to-lab supplier of night guards, whitening kits, trays and our most popular product, the customized mouthguard. All of our products are custom-made in the U.S. for each individual customer by certified dental technicians in a dental laboratory. CMG is based in Southern California.

We welcome you to explore and learn more about our products. Contact us today for more information or to make a purchase.